November 10, 2007

29 Incongruent Christmas Ornaments

There are three main things you need to properly trim a Christmas tree: lights, garland, and ornaments. There’s only so much you can do with the first two, but there are literally thousands of options when it comes to choosing ornaments. Every year it seems ornament makers get more creative with their products; now you can make a statement about your favorite sports team, TV show character, or Hogwarts quidditch team. But do they go too far?

Anti-Santas When I think of Santa, usually considered a jolly sort of fellow, these characters aren’t the first to come to mind.

Armament Ornaments Nothing says “Peace on Earth and Goodwill to All” quite like these ornaments.

Fabulous Foods Who needs eggnog and turkey?

Great Moments in Sci-Fi Ornaments “Khan” you feel the Christmas spirit?

Ornaments for the Holidays (other than Christmas) Why not multitask and celebrate as many holidays as possible at one time?

Santa in the Off-Season Making and delivering toys to all the children of the world can be a tough job. That’s why Santa needs his me-time.

3 Responses to “29 Incongruent Christmas Ornaments”

  1. NitroPress said:

    I think you meant “incongruous.”