October 28, 2007

18 Truly Scary Halloween Costumes for Kids

When I was a kid, our choice of Halloween costumes reflected those things that really scared us–like ghosts, goblins, and Ronald Reagan. These days, kids seem to be at risk of suffering from an increasing number of ailments, from the life-threatening to the merely irritating, and it seems like costume manufacturers have responded to these scary developments with a whole new set of costumes. Read on, if you dare, about the costumes that might really frighten kids (and their parents) if they thought about the threat behind them. Here is a great site for more Halloween costumes.

3 Responses to “18 Truly Scary Halloween Costumes for Kids”

  1. Joelle said:

    Just one minor error…Bats don’t carry rabies. Of all the wild mammals in regions where rabies are a consideration, bats are the least likely to be carriers as their diet consists mostly of fruits and bugs and they are not in much contact with other animals. The stats I think are something around a .013% chance that a bat bite would be rabid.

    A much more likely suspect would be the raccoon or skunk.

  2. kids costumes said:

    It can be correlated if you used a kid’s imagination. 🙂

  3. Halloween Costume Chick said:

    Well that is a different take on it. I can’t say that I had looked at it that way.