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8 Alcoholic Beverages Featured in Movies & TV Shows

January 22nd, 2007

With the release of the latest James Bond movie, Casino Royale, moviegoers were reintroduced to 007’s favorite tipple, the martini. However, this reincarnation of James Bond (a laconic, rough-edged Daniel Craig) eschews the familiar request for a “shaken, not stirred” martini, instead opting for the Vesper martini (gin, vodka, and Lillet) described by Ian Fleming […]

16 Unique Toppings for French Fries

January 15th, 2007

As with potato chips, there are a great variety of flavors that go well with French fries (or “chips”, as the case may be). While there are some nearly-universal favorite toppings for French fries (salt, ketchup, and mayonnaise), there are also many that are specific to certain regions. Cheese, Carne Asada, Sour Cream, and Guacamole […]

7 “Good” Movies of 2006

January 8th, 2007

2006 was a banner year for “good” movies–that is, movies with the word “good” in their title. I’m sure it’s just coincidence that all these “good” movies were released in one year, but it’s tempting to believe there is some kind of conspiracy afoot. Perhaps these filmmakers hoped to gently convey the merits of their […]