July 19, 2007

Three Titles for Die Hard/James Bond Crossover Movies (and then some)

I just got back from seeing Live Free or Die Hard (in France: Die Hard 4—Retour en Enfer), and I enjoyed it thoroughly. I can’t believe it’s been 19 years since the first Die Hard came out, with Alan Rickman as the excellent bad guy. But I also just finished reading Ian Fleming’s Casino Royale (book/movie), since I figured it was about time I got a taste of the literary James Bond and not just the cinematic one. So that got me thinking: what if the two franchises joined forces—John McClane and James Bond saving the world together? We could have:

  • Die Hard Another Day
  • Live and Let Die Hard
  • Tomorrow Never Dies Hard

But then, there are all sorts of other crossover possibilities too, if Bruce doesn’t want to share the spotlight with 007:

  • To Die Hard For
  • To Live and Die Hard in L.A.
  • Never Say Die Hard
  • A Kiss Before Dying Hard

I’m just saying, the whole not-dying thing could live on forever.

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