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12 Mother-Related Movies

May 14th, 2007

In honor of Mother’s Day (albeit a day late), I’ve compiled this list of “Mother”-related movies. All About My Mother: This 1999 film from Spanish writer/director Pedro Almovodar features a transvestite father and Penélope Cruz as a nun. Big Momma’s House: The first of the Big Momma’s House movies introduces Martin Lawrence as an FBI […]

Top 5 Superheroes Whose Secret Identities Are Introverts

May 10th, 2007

After watching Spider-Man 3 last weekend, Morgen and I were discussing how Peter Parker is an introvert. And it occurred to me that this is true of most superheroes’ secret identities. In fact, that seems to be almost mandatory—more than glasses or an unfashionable haircut, an introverted demeanor can effectively deflect unwanted attention and help […]

Six Nicknames for French Presidents & Presidential Candidates

May 7th, 2007

Yesterday’s presidential election in France featured two opponents who, despite their differences, actually have a few interesting things in common: both were born after World War II; neither previously held the office of prime minister or president (a first for a presidential candidate since the 1970s); and both have pithy and sound bite ready nicknames. […]

Eight Contemporary Novels Over 700 Pages in Length

May 3rd, 2007

A few weeks ago the online version of The Times ran an article describing a publishing company’s plans to release new editions of classic works of literature, minus a few hundred pages of prose. According to the Orion Group, publishers of the new Compact Editions series, classics such as Anna Karenina, David Copperfield, and Moby […]