May 10, 2007

Top 5 Superheroes Whose Secret Identities Are Introverts

After watching Spider-Man 3 last weekend, Morgen and I were discussing how Peter Parker is an introvert. And it occurred to me that this is true of most superheroes’ secret identities. In fact, that seems to be almost mandatory—more than glasses or an unfashionable haircut, an introverted demeanor can effectively deflect unwanted attention and help to disguise the superhero’s super nature. So here’s my list of the top five superheroes who, in my estimation, are introverts—at least until they slip on the old mask or cape, and sometimes afterwards too. (A disclaimer: I’m not a comic book guy, so my opinions were formed based on TV and film portrayals.)

  1. Batman: Not only is Bruce Wayne somewhat of an introvert, but Batman himself is arguably the most introverted superhero of all time. Unlike some, he stays out of the spotlight as much as possible, and is quick to return to the seclusion of the Bat Cave.
  2. The Hulk: Bruce Banner (especially as played by Bill Bixby in the 1970s TV series) is as quiet and reflective as any stereotypical scientist. And the Hulk? It’s just not easy being green.
  3. Superman: Two words: mild-mannered. No, wait…three words: Fortress of Solitude. Yep, Clark Kent is a solid introvert, and even Superman gets away from it all to recharge.
  4. Spider-Man: Although Peter Parker’s personality has undergone numerous changes, he always seems to like spending time alone, and obviously puts a lot of his energy into mental (as well as physical) gymnastics.
  5. Jean Gray: My favorite X-person, and not just because she’s hot and can levitate things. On second thought…no, that’s exactly why. But also: there’s clearly a lot more going on inside her head than she lets on outwardly.

7 Responses to “Top 5 Superheroes Whose Secret Identities Are Introverts”

  1. Ali said:

    The invisible man is introverted too, he is rarely seen anywhere 😉

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  2. Karlo Licudine said:

    This is a fun and interesting post.

    I am an avid fan of super heroes, still I never really noticed that there were so many introvert kind of superheroes.

    On the top five, it is true that all of them are introverts. Batman is the most silent of them all! I can’t even think of a time that he actually laughed out loud (except of course when confronted with Joker’s Laughing Gas)

    This is truly a very unique post ^_^

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  3. Mjuboy said:

    Haha, nice post.

    Infact my post is quite similar to yours.

  4. Lew Newmark said:

    Hi. I think so far ( at least from this group of postings ) that you are the only other person to write about anything having to do with comic heroes. Without being long winded here, the only one of the heroes I would agree with you about is Bruce Banner, and carrying around the albatross of the Hulk around his neck, he has reason to be introverted, if not just downright anti social.

  5. Joe Kissell said:

    Thanks for your comments, everyone.

    Lew: I’m thinking of the psychological definition of “introvert,” not someone who’s shy, antisocial, or whatever. You can find a good discussion of that in Spectatrix’s FAQ.

  6. Sultan said:

    Batman’s secret identity, Bruce Wayne is not an introvert. He is actually the exception to an unwritten rule. Bruce Wayne is a billionaire socialite that drives fancy cars and lives in a crazy mansion. He is often accompanied and interviewed by reporters and in numerous occasions had to save the day when he is interrupted at some social event. It can be argued however that batman is an introvert and he is the only one of the superheroes you mentioned that does not have a super power, maybe that is the reason.

  7. download free movies said:

    LOL! Batman is on the number one spot! Haven’t thought about this, this is really funny, dude. I’m going to repost this page, thanks!