April 12, 2007

Five Video Clips of Royal de Luxe Performances on YouTube

I recently wrote about the French street theater group Royal de Luxe on Interesting Thing of the Day. Known for their large-scale productions featuring giant marionette figures, there are many videos of their performances available for viewing on YouTube. Here are just a few of them:

The Little Girl Giant: This video is very popular, having been watched by well over a million viewers. It shows a portion of the production, The Sultan’s Elephant, which ran for four days in May 2006 in London.


Royal de Luxe: Elephant: This video shows the movements of an enormous mechanical elephant, as it sprays the crowd with its trunk, trumpets loudly, and parades down the street.


Royal de luxe 2005 à Nantes: The Little Girl Giant and the Elephant meet in Nantes, France.


The Sultan’s Elephant. The Grande Finale: Video from the finale of The Sultan’s Elephant performance in London, which features a giant rocket ship.


The Little Girl Giant in Chile: In January 2007, the Little Girl Giant visited Santiago, Chile, as part of the production The Hidden Rhinoceros.

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