April 4, 2007

18 Famous Actors and Actresses Who Are Introverts

I’ve recently started a blog about introverts; in addition to sharing my own experience, I write about various topics pertaining to introverts in general. In a recent post, I brought up the fact that there are many famous actors and actresses who are introverts, a phenomenon I can’t fully explain.

I can’t prove that there is something about being an introvert that gives aspiring actors and actresses an advantage, but judging from the illustrious names on this list, it can’t hurt.

Source: The Introvert Advantage

8 Responses to “18 Famous Actors and Actresses Who Are Introverts”

  1. Cathy Pagano said:

    As you probably know, we introverts are more subjective, more concerned with soul and our inner life. Since we have to learn to live in the ‘outer’ world, we can be more balanced than extroverts, whose focus is on the outer object. They never have to go within unless forced to! so of course, introverts make wonderful actors/actresses. I would add Robert Redford to that list.

  2. Mads said:

    On the surface, acting seems to be about socializing, performing and grabbing attention. Now, I don’t claim to be an expert on acting, but I do know that good acting requires more than that. Good acting requires a thorough emotional understanding of the character, and, to portray this effectively, some kind of understanding of yourself. Also, attention to detail is hugely important to an actor or actress. There are qualities of a good actor that are usually dominated by extroverts, yes, but introverts definitely have their share as well. ^_^

  3. jamilybillybob said:

    i agree with mads

  4. GonnaBeRichBy17 said:

    I am an introvert, and I am the best actor in my class. I am 15 and I can easily throw myself in the role of any charector. Extroverts tend to be more outward, but only outward about themselves. Introverts are inward but can take these inward thoughts and emotions and put theme on stage. I do this and like my name implies, I am gonna be rich by 17. I almost have a deal with a tv series, echich I will be CO staring in. I cannot say which show it is for privacy reasons.

  5. M said:

    I can’t figure out if I am an introvert and extrovert. I enjoy being with people, going out and having fun; I can’t see myself staying at home and reading a book on a friday night. I was very shy and anxious throughout my teen years and 20s – until I had an anxiety attack that landed me in the hospital. I couldn’t stand living a life like that. However, I do hate large, noisy crowds and need to spend time to recharge my batteries.

    I am interested in films and theatre; recently I played a small acting role and really loved it. I also enjoy selling and marketing a great deal. I am articulate, funny and, well if I might say so myself, charming.

    However, I can and enjoy spending extreme amounts of time alone – something only introverts enjoy doing. When I try to “act” like an introvert, my anxiety resumes – in fact, it will precipitate an anxiety attack.

    So, I’m really confused and wonder if some people don’t fall into one or the other category. Or maybe I smack right in the middle of the spectrum?

  6. Sophie said:

    Dear M, people fall into this grey area all the time. Your concerns are normal, and so is your personality. I say balance is always better. You having traits of both introvert and extravert is a very good thing, and very beneficial with your acting on one hand, and your social life on the other. I myself am definately introverted. Posting this message to you is much easier for me and much more beneficial to you rather than having me attempt to voice this in person. I relate with the interest in theatre and I’m asked quite often if I’m a theatre student because of my quirky sense of humor. But socially, I “ride the short bus”. Don’t get me wrong, I love being introverted. I do think though that you have a great thing going for you, so dont be so anxious. 🙂

  7. Marc said:

    We need to just start excepting people who they are as a person. If we were all meant to be the same the world would be boring. Honestly I see pro’s and con’s to being an introvert. I love sitting back at a party observing the little intricacy’s of people and the social dynamic of whats going on around me. On the other hand I can not stand the pressure to conform to behavior of those in the “norm”. It would be nice for people to understand that just because somebody isn’t bouncing of the walls every chance they get at every single event they could still be having a good time and enjoying them selves. I believe that the cause of much of the social anxiety for introverts is the pressure that the introvert personality gets to conform to the extrovert personality which then leads the introvert to interact in a state of inauthenticity. To make a long story short be who you are be authentic and true to the natural being that you were made to be.