March 19, 2007

Nine Things To Do While Stranded in an Airplane

Over the past weekend, the winter storm that hit the East Coast had a big effect on air travel in that area. As with some previous storms this winter, airline passengers were stranded on planes for hours without leaving the ground, sometimes overnight. To help those poor souls stuck in similar situations in the future, here is a list of ways to pass the time while onboard (subject to crew and airline instructions of course).

  1. Overhead Light Shadow Puppets: Entertain your fellow travelers with your best bunny impression.
  2. Peanut Research: Follow in the footsteps of George Washington Carver as you find yet another use for this handy honey-roasted legume.
  3. Airsickness Bag Origami: It’s a bird, it’s a crane…
  4. Tray Table Tennis: We don’t know how it’s done either, but here’s a hint–the middle person is the net.
  5. Inflight Satellite Phone Prank Calls: Fool your friends for only $10 a minute!
  6. SkyMall Catalog Holiday Shopping: Find that perfect gift for the person who has everything except a gold-plated self-cleaning dog dish.
  7. Peanut Package Toss: The overhead bin makes a perfect basket.
  8. PA System Karaoke: Reveal your hidden musical talents to the delight of a captive audience.
  9. Lavatory Stuffing: How many people can you fit before someone hurls?

3 Responses to “Nine Things To Do While Stranded in an Airplane”

  1. Cat Jahnke said:


    This is really funny! Your “Tray Table Tennis” actually made me laugh out loud. And I’ve been a real bummer for the last few days so that’s definitely a feat!

  2. Morgen Jahnke said:

    Thanks Cat! Glad you enjoyed it.