March 13, 2007

Eight Ways to Find Serenity

As previously mentioned, Firefly is without any doubt the best thing ever to have been broadcast on TV. This outer-space western followed the exploits of Captain Mal Reynolds and the crew of the Firefly-class spaceship Serenity, and has attracted a rabid base of fans (or “Browncoats,” as we like to be called) far out of proportion to its brief time on the air. For those who just can’t get enough Firefly, here are eight things you can buy to help scratch that itch:

3 Responses to “Eight Ways to Find Serenity”

  1. Missy said:

    Rock on! Serinity/Firefly is the best! Thanks for this awesome list!

  2. Jeff Carlson said:

    I’m happy to add number 9: The upcoming Serenity Special Edition DVD