December 1, 2006

Six Fan Web Sites Devoted to British Food

Traditional British food typically gets a bad rap in other countries for being either too bland or too greasy, but as with any food, it might simply be an acquired taste. We all have a soft spot for comfort foods we’ve grown up with, and if nothing else, the Brits do comfort food extremely well. Although it can be heavy on potatoes and pork products, certain elements of British cuisine do have broader appeal, such as the iconic fish and chips dinner.

However, there are also certain food items that seem to appeal uniquely to British tastebuds; marmite, black pudding, and haggis spring immediately to mind. While some may shun them, there are others who are equally passionate in their appreciation of these foods.

  • British Sausage Appreciation Society: This group publishes a newsletter called “The Missing Link.”
  • Everything brown sauce!: A Canadian Web site inspired by HP sauce (also called “brown sauce”), a tangy condiment popular in both Canada and the UK.
  • I Love Crisps: Discussion and reviews of different kinds of potato chips (“crisps”), including British favorites Prawn Cocktail and Worcestershire.
  • Marmite Fan Club: For fans of the yeasty, salty condiment.
  • Sausage Fans: Another site for sausage lovers.
  • Spam Fan Club: Technically an American food, it was immortalized in the Spam sketch by British comedy group Monty Python’s Flying Circus.

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