September 22, 2006

IKEA products that could be Shakespearean epithets

This is the fourth entry in our series of IKEA lists.

I have great affection for the wonderful epithets Shakespeare coined for his plays; his linguistic dexterity and wit seem to shine most brightly when he is putting these put-downs in the mouths of his characters. There are too many to list from his plays (see for example, Shakespeare’s Insults and Shakespearean Insulter) but here are my humble contributions to the tradition.

  • Aspudden
    Old meaning: Wall cabinet
    New meaning: Lazy person
  • Balser
    Old meaning: Chair
    New meaning: Adulterer
  • Bastant
    Old meaning: Basket
    New meaning: Knave, of questionable parentage
  • Didrick
    Old meaning: Storage unit on casters
    New meaning: Fool
  • Flaj
    Old meaning: Box
    New meaning: Weakling
  • Jerker
    Old meaning: Add-on shelf unit
    New meaning: Violent, brutish person
  • Pamp
    Old meaning: Vase
    New meaning: Arrogant person

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