August 29, 2006

Seven ways to hard-boil eggs

For some reason, the seemingly simple task of hard-boiling an egg appears to be very confusing, and numerous techniques have sprung up to demystify it. Of course, you’re looking for a yolk that’s firm but not dry (or green!), a shell that remains intact during boiling, and, preferably, an egg that’s easy to peel. What follows is just a sampling of the many ways of achieving this.

  • From the Wikipedia:
    1. Cover eggs with 1″ of cold water
    2. Heat to boiling
    3. Boil for 10–15 minutes
    4. Remove eggs from water; cool at room temperature
  • Also from the Wikipedia; attributed (incorrectly, I believe) to Alton Brown:
    1. Heat water to boiling
    2. Add eggs
    3. Turn off the heat
    4. Remove eggs when water cools (about a half hour)
  • From Alton Brown (for sure):
    1. Cover eggs with cold water
    2. Heat to boiling
    3. Cover pan, remove from heat, wait 12 minutes
    4. Peel immediately under cold running water
  • From the British Egg Information Service:
    1. Poke a small hole in the large end of each egg
    2. Cover eggs with 1″ of cold water; add a pinch of salt
    3. Simmer for 7 minutes
    4. Serve immediately
  • From the Fannie Farmer Cookbook:
    1. Poke a small hole in the large end of each egg
    2. Cover eggs with water
    3. Heat to boiling
    4. Simmer for 15 minutes
    5. Place in cold water immediately
  • From the Better Homes and Gardens New Cookbook:
    1. Cover eggs with water
    2. Heat to boiling
    3. Simmer for 15–20 minutes
    4. Soak in cool water for 2 minutes or more
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    yoiu were no ****** help

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