August 25, 2006

39 flat bread variations from around the world

I have a great fondness for many different kinds of cuisine; one day I may be in the mood for Indian food and the next day for the spicy dishes of Ethiopia. I think of these cuisines as very distinct from each other, but in one major way they are similar: both feature a type (or types in the case of Indian cuisine) of flat bread that is eaten with the meal.

It’s not only these two cuisines that feature flat bread—many cultures around the world make their own versions. From unleavened breads, such as matzo and tortillas, to breads made from batter, like pancakes and crêpes, flat breads are a global phenomenon. And mighty tasty too…


  • Injera (Ethiopia, Somalia, Eritrea)
  • Khubz (Morocco)
  • Ngome (Mali)

India/Sri Lanka

  • Bhakri
  • Chapati
  • Dosai
  • Naan
  • Pappad
  • Paratha
  • Puri
  • Roti

Mediterranean/Middle East

  • Aish Mehahra (Egypt)
  • Baladi (Egypt)
  • Barbari bread (Iran)
  • Lavash (Armenia)
  • Matzo (Israel)
  • Pita
  • Sangak (Iran)


  • Green onion pancakes
  • Sanchuisanda

Southeast Asia

  • Khanom buang (Thailand)
  • Roti canai (Malaysia)


  • Blintz/blini (Russia)
  • Ciabatta (Italy)
  • Crêpes (France)
  • Crisp Bread (Scandinavia)
  • Flatbrod (Norway)
  • Focaccia (Italy)
  • Lefse (Norway)
  • Oatcakes (Scotland)
  • Pane Carasau (Italy)
  • Pannekoek (The Netherlands)
  • Pfannkuchen (Germany)
  • Piadine (Italy)
  • Pizza (Italy)
  • Waffles (Belgium)

North America

  • Pancake

South & Central America

  • Arepa
  • Tortilla

5 Responses to “39 flat bread variations from around the world”

  1. Marissa said:

    I think this site is good, but I am doing a prohect where I need information on the breads, actually it is called Fatir. I have barley found anything! and I think a great impement on this site would be to have some background information on the breads. Marissa 🙂

  2. dogfish said:

    hi guys any more hints about which types of local breads can be found in kuwait, bahrain, qatar and saudi arabia, this for a thesis my kid is writing about food habits in the middle east.


    cane pesce

  3. JJ said:

    I am interested in American style breads, and how I can make a recipe that I can call my own.

  4. Sasha @ Global Table Adventure said:

    I’m cooking my way around the world, one meal for every country. This list of breads will be super useful! Thanks 🙂

  5. Mia said:

    wow, this is brilliant for childrens homework! I need to know this website of by heart OR save onto faveourites !!!! Lol