August 18, 2006

IKEA products that could be superhero names

This is the second entry in our series of IKEA lists.

Another trend I noticed among the IKEA names was that a lot of the one-word names seemed tailor-made for would-be superheroes. There was an attitude of action and identity implicit in these names that seemed perfect for these fledgling caped crusaders.

  • Bandora
    Old identity: Floor lamp
    New identity: Superheroine who paralyses her enemies with music
  • Bläddra
    Old identity: Wall newspaper rack
    New identity: Superheroine with awesome knife-wielding skills
  • Glittra
    Old identity: Scented block candle
    New identity: Superheroine who assaults her enemies with confetti
  • Grankulla
    Old identity: Storage stool
    New identity: An elderly superhero with vampiric powers
  • Hedra
    Old identity: Knob
    New identity: Superheroine with amazing cognitive abilities
  • Hokus
    Old identity: Quilt cover & pillow sham
    New identity: Superhero who uses magic to defeat his enemies
  • Mimik
    Old identity: Tealight holder
    New identity: Superhero who can change his shape
  • Nandor
    Old identity: Chair
    New identity: Superhero who disarms opponents by throwing Indian bread
  • Skimra
    Old identity: Shade
    New identity: Superheroine who can out-read her opponents
  • Solros
    Old identity: Plant pot
    New identity: Superhero who can harness the sun’s power
  • Stryka
    Old identity: Ironing board
    New identity: Superheroine who overwhelms her opponents with bowling moves
  • Tindra
    Old identity: Scented candle
    New identity: Superheroine who can start fires on command

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