August 9, 2006

15 B-52’s songs containing outer space references

When you think of The B-52’s, the songs that first come to mind may be Rock Lobster and Love Shack. But as you review the band’s entire oeuvre, stretching back to 1979, the biggest theme that emerges is songs making some reference to outer space. Vocalist Fred Schneider is not only a major Star Trek fan, he wrote and performed the song “Beam Me Up” for the soundtrack of Trekkies 2. The spacey songs I could find were:

  1. Planet Claire She came from Planet Claire… [The B-52’s, 1979: Buy from]
  2. There’s a Moon in the Sky (Called the Moon) There’s a moon in the sky/It’s called the moon…This is the Space Age [The B-52’s, 1979: Buy from]
  3. 53 Miles West of Venus 53 Miles West of Venus (repeats…) [Wild Planet, 1980: Buy from]
  4. Whammy Kiss On Planet X-oh/It won’t be long now /I got a light year to get to the phone now… [Whammy!, 1983: Buy from]
  5. Song for a Future Generation Wanna be the ruler of the galaxy…Wanna be the captain of the Enterprise… [Whammy!, 1983: Buy from]
  6. Detour Thru Your Mind I hear another galaxy spinning around… [Bouncing Off the Satellites, 1986: Buy from]
  7. Ain’t It a Shame Flying saucers could land/And it wouldn’t make much difference to my man… [Bouncing Off the Satellites, 1986: Buy from]
  8. Communicate Baby, baby bounce it off your satellite, yeah… [Bouncing Off the Satellites, 1986: Buy from]
  9. Cosmic Thing While cruising through the ionosphere, I saw these alien beings/Everywhere I went up there, they were shakin’ their alien things… [Cosmic Thing, 1989: Buy from]
  10. Channel Z Space junk—laser bombs—ozone holes/Better put up my umbrella!… [Cosmic Thing, 1989: Buy from]
  11. Topaz Our universe is expanding/Moonrise upon the sea/Starships are blinkingWe’ll walk in ecstasy… [Cosmic Thing, 1989: Buy from]
  12. Good Stuff The big dipper sure ain’t big enough/To hold all of your dang good stuff… [Good Stuff, 1992: Buy from]
  13. Revolution Earth Endless distance/Wildlife and stars/Blanket the night… [Good Stuff, 1992: Buy from]
  14. Is That You Mo-Dean? On the bus, to the plane/To the UFO and to outer space baby… [Good Stuff, 1992: Buy from]
  15. Hallucinating Pluto See the fool who mimicks the sun/Burning out like a quasar pulsing… [Time Capsule, 1998: Buy from]
  • (bonus) Beam Me Up by Fred Schneider Trekkies, who go boldly where no one would even think of going/way, way out there… [Trekkies 2 Soundtrack, 2004: Buy from]

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