November 20, 2006

14 Odd Deep-Fried Foods

This Thanksgiving, I’m sure there will be a significant number of people who will deep fry their turkeys instead of roasting them, a process that in my opinion produces a tasty end result, but does require a lot of preparation. According to a recent article in the Christian Science Monitor, Martha Stewart started the whole turkey deep-frying trend, and as a result, inspired a renewed interest in deep frying other unconventional items. While I do enjoy some deep-fried foods (chicken, doughnuts, French fries), I think there are some foods that are better left alone. Not everyone agrees with me on this, which is obvious if you look at the examples below.



63 Responses to “14 Odd Deep-Fried Foods”

  1. Sharon said:

    OK, so Twinkies aren’t already devoid of nutritional value enough as they are–let’s make them even WORSE by deep-frying them! Ick. And I had heard about the Coke thing, but just don’t understand how you deep-fry a liquid. I have to say, though, that deep-fried cheesecake sounds kind of good….

  2. Jen said:

    Oh dear.

    I’ll admit to having been sceptical about deep-fried turkey until I actually tried it (and to heck with the clogged arteries, the tastebuds loved it!)… and I can see where deep-frying could only improve the taste of cicadas (what’s to ruin, you’re eating insects)… but, deep-fried dill pickles? We won’t even talk about some of those other items… except to assert that to plunge a poor defenceless cheesecake into boiling oil is nothing short of dessert abuse and possibly food sacrilege.

    I hereby offer sanctuary and refuge (however temporary it may prove to be) to any orphan cheesecakes in peril of being deep-fried. Send ’em to me!

  3. Max said:

    [To Jen]

    Sacrilege you say, I say it sounds sacrilicious (mmm, sacrilicious…{drool})

  4. Mel said:

    don’t forget deep-fried ice cream :) mmmm

  5. Nathan said:

    Deep Fried dill pickles in batter taste good, and so do green tomatoes, mmm :)

  6. Political.Asylum said:

    The Sarcastic Idiocy Forum fully endorses fried cheese as a healthy snack alternative for toddlers and the elderly.

  7. nork said:

    I agree with Nathan, deep fried pickles are delicious. If you’ve ever had deep fried zucchini or squash, it tastes just about the same except it was a sour bite to it (not as sour as the pickle was before it was deep fried, though).

    I’ve had a deep fried snickers bar before, and I’ll admit it was pretty delicious, it didn’t taste much like a snickers at all.

    One thing not mentioned on here that I see rising in popularity is deep friend corn on the cob. Oh well… I’ve never heard of deep frying coke before, not exact sure either how it’s possible.

  8. d4_t3h_gr8 said:

    its not regular coke: they drizzle the concentrated syrup on a stick, sort of let it dry a bit, and then fry it in a batter thats made with more coke syrup. and, its flippin sweet. imho the best weird fried foods though are ice cream and bananas. fried corn and fried macaroni and cheese are really popular around here in the form of bite-sized nuggets. you can get them everywhere.

    d4 texas

  9. Bob Nobgobler said:

    Some people say that cucumbers taste better pickled.

  10. Bobby said:

    Deep frying isn’t as unhealthy as people think. As long as the oil is hot enough and the food doesn’t stay in the oil too long, then you are fine. It’s when you have some doofy high school kid running the fryer that stuff goes wrong.

    I absolutely love a deep fried pickle. Dills are awesome, and I had a homemade bread and butter pickle deep fried las week and it was interesting. I normally don’t like them, but after it was deep fried, it was great.

  11. Brian Foster said:

    Just a note:

    Mars Bars have not been available in the U.S. for several years now. They were replaced by Snickers Almond bars.

    Yes. I am a killjoy.

  12. Peter Sutherland said:

    What no deep fried fresh milk get your self along to dunedin and get with it!

  13. Benoît Côté said:

    Ahem, they are available in Canada. Yet another thing to get a friend to import fer ya on occasion.


  14. WADE MATTESON said:

    I had some fried milk at a chinese joint. It was both an appetizer and part of a dish with prawns. It was made from balls of condensed milk and cheddar cheese rolled in bread crumbs or battered then fried and was delicious. had a creamy custard like consistancy inside and crunchy outside.

  15. Brew said:

    Hmm deepfried veggies? Hey Everyone… wake up! Ever had sushi? it’s called Tempura! Plantains are best prepared fried, so is Okra.

    Fried Cheese is common in some Latin American countries. Fried Sandwiches (Ever had a Montecristo)?

    Fried Macaroni And Cheese (go to a TGI Fridays)

    its endless. not THAT odd.. operhaps unconventional

  16. Gerg said:

    Dear Sharon and others. i hope you guys don’t think you take a twinkie or mars bar and stick it in a boiling pot of oil. that is not how these things are made. they are first covered in dough, the kind used to make funnel cakes. then they are fried. nor would you put a piece of cheesecake in a buring pot of oil. it would not turn out to good.

  17. Katy said:

    I have to attest that fried mac and cheese (you an get it at TGI Fridays) is one of the best fried foods out there.

  18. bullfrog said:

    A PSA for those that haven’t fried a turkey: Done right, it is good, and sort of a different taste from traditional preparation – If trying to do a deep fried turkey for the first time, please look up. There should be sky. Not your upstairs neighbor’s balcony. Not the garage ceiling. If there is anything within ten feet above, only ugliness can ensue. Do it outside.

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  20. Craig B. said:

    I dont see what the big deal is about the fried dill pickles, i worked in restaurants in the mid-late 70s as a teen, and i used to batter and deep fry dill pickle slices back then for a snack while working throughout my shift. Big Whoop!

  21. Teeny said:

    Go ahead and eat all the finger lickin fried oddities you want…I don’t want to hear about how OBESITY is inherently genetic.

  22. Rattrap007 said:

    The fried veggies and stuff I can see. That is the only normal thing on the list.. or at least sounds edible. Fried veggies are good. Had Tempura with my sushi before. Big pieces of shrimp along with sweet potato, etc all deep fried in a light batter. Everything else sounds nasty..

    Oh and Sushi does not equal Tempura. Tempura is deep fried shrimp and veggies, Sushi is fish and rice rolls. Sashimi is sushi in non roll form (Ball of rice with piece of fish on top)..

  23. Matt said:

    actually sashimi is just fish, no rice and no roll. Sushi is classified as rolls and “a la carte” rolls being wrapped in seaweed, and “a la carte” being a piece on top of a small ball of rice. Sushi and sashimi have been part of my diet for about 20 years

  24. EOB said: pwns you all! fried dills @ the corner bar in Rockford, WOOT, yummy. F Martha Stewart.

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  26. Adam said:

    I can totally see all the fat people drooling over all the choices at the top… “Spaghetti and meatballs on a STICK?! Now that’s portable!”

  27. Elena said:

    I’ve had deep fried dill pickles in a restaurant in Austin, TX. If you don’t like dill pickles you wouldn’t like them, but they were delicious!

  28. Betsy said:

    How can people dis deep fried pickles? Like Elena said, they are soooo good! I believe that they are a bonified deep-south tradition (I had my first experience at a truck stop in South Carolina a more than a few years ago). Crunchy and hot on the outside and crunchy and slightly sour (duh) on the inside. Don’t knock it ’til you’ve tried it!

  29. Michael said:


  30. shawn said:

    Deep fried bacon beats everything else, mmmmmmm

  31. Jennifer said:



  32. Don Gray said:

    I have a great number of multiplying onions which I have grown for years. Lookout onions! hello deep fry! What’s the batter for that?

  33. Kristy said:

    OK-deep friend cheese curds are AWESOME. (I’m from Wisconsin) And so are nuggets of deep fried sweet corn. I’m craving that right now! (I’m also pregnant) The dill pickles are pretty good, too. It’s amazing what you can fry…and it comes out better in the end!!!

  34. Don Gray said:

    Follow-up: Not the multiplying onions but the onion tops cut in manageable lengths with a strip of ham and a strip of cheese slipped inside, Dipped in onion ring batter and deep fried.

    In your garden onion tops would be available winter and spring

  35. KK said:

    I love fried anything but only in rice bran oil!!! It has a smoke point of 490 degrees and there are health benefits-so go ahead and try it.

  36. josh said:

    Deep fried corn on the cob!!!! I had it at a gas station in LA of all places. (Chesters Chicken) If you ever get the chance don’t pass it up.

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  38. Stella said:

    Deep fried foodz are my fave! I just tried a recipe for deep fried pickles. It wuz good, but I ‘d like to find one with a better batter. DF hot dogs are good. A note to the sashimi, sushi peeps, Sashimi is straight up raw fish sliced thin, and dipped in wasabi and soy sauce. Sushi will always be with rice, mostly rolled with a seaweed, and tempura is veggies or shrimp dipped in a batter, and deep fried. HAPPY EATS!!!!

  39. WILLIS said:

    When you said martha stewart, Enough said.. Should still be in jail!!

  40. Tiffany said:

    I had a roommate who was a ballerina. She could pack in the food, and one day, after discovering she’d eaten all of my food, my friends and I embarked on a plan to feed her deep fried candy bars. She can pack down the food and the pounds!

  41. Elizabeth said:

    Deep fried corn on the cob was a staple in Louisiana long, long before Martha Stewart’s time. Also, on street corners in Vienna, Austria.

  42. Happy turkey day said:

    MMMM fried pickles, i like to cut them into chips first them batter than fry. though i never have fried my turkey ill try someday!! i think deep fried coke is like an elephant ear with coke syrup drizzled on it.

  43. Jesica said:

    hey yall,

    If you wanna try something deep fried, Try battering eggplant and zuccini in a corn flake and egg or flour and egg batter. There both good with beer batter also. I have never had deep fried pickles but a friend just told me about it just 10 minutes ago and here i am lookin for more info. anyway i got what i needed. I know its not good for ya but come one… once in awhile.. anything can be deep fried. :) Happy New Year!

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  45. Lindsay said:

    The avocado intriques me… Hm.

  46. sarah said:

    This website does not help my group on our project at all but reading the comments make me hungry

  47. Anon-y-mouse said:

    I’ll bet most of you are American and obese. Just leave the deep-frier alone, okay? Trust me on this one.

  48. Breanna said:

    I live in Wisconsin and deep fried cheese curds are in EVERY restaurant you can find, they’re sooooo good. Just not as good as fresh curds made 5 minutes ago from the local cheese store.

  49. bekkie said:

    hey all I been watching the bizarre foods w/wanders zimmern and heard of all the deep fried stuff at minnasota state fair. Very interesting, as I moved from NW Oregon to Anchorage Alaska, we have tried alot of different things, the DF pickles are one that my family likes (not me). But wanted to add a new thing they had this year ( sry it’s not deep fried ) but husband and kids liked it. They took large dill pickles and soaked them in cherry kool-aid. So rarely I let the kids make it at home. I battled weight then has gastric by pass so greasy foods don’t agree with me, but one thing I learned if you have the chance to try something new DO It as you don’t know if you’ll ever get that chance again. If it is something you can get almost any time use it as a reward to your self on that rare occation. We can’t wait for the state fair because that our treat time, so I eat off my hubbys share of food and still get to taste the new things. Enjoy life don’t pass up the good things but monitor the amount and how often you enjoy the spices of life!

  50. Patrick said:

    yea some of them are good like the oreos and twinkies (tried them at rennisansce fest) they are good! and somethings need to move and evolve on

  51. Jen said:

    Deep Fried S’MORES!!! Yum!!!

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  54. download free movies said:

    Oreos??! Haha! I want to try that one on Friday and feed it to my nieces! LOL :)

  55. CrypticDude said:

    Visit our site and learn about the best breading and meat seasoning in the midwest!

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  57. Amber said:

    Okay i love fried pickles. I have loved pickles all my life and when i was 19 I moved back to texas and had some for the first time adn there began my addiction for friend pickles.. however it seems the only place for fried pickles is in the southern states and I am now in Anchorage Alaska and I miss them so much.. BTW fried pickles are not wierd!! the serve them at every hooters!! hello! However there is no hooters here in Anchorage!! sad!

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  59. nor nork said:

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  60. Guga said:

    Actually as an Italian I have to say that fried Pizza is EXTREMELY GOOD. You should eat it in Naples or made by someone who knows what he’s doing, anyway

  61. büyüler said:

    Actually as an Italian I have to say that fried Pizza is EXTREMELY GOOD. You should eat it in Naples or made by someone who knows what he’s doing, anyway

  62. Graham said:

    Wait wait wait. Coca cola was in there… How do you deep fry soda? That seems a little difficult

  63. PennyB said:

    who was it that said mars bars were not available in teh United states any more. we still have them in my area of vermont. plus you can order them from the Mars company and there are a few other web sites that have old fashioned candies that you can order them form too.