About SenseList

SenseList is a compendium of lists. Some stem from unlikely connections between seemingly ordinary things; others are unique compilations of things that can solve a problem or satisfy your curiosity about a variety of topics. Combining practical information with a sense of fun, SenseList brings you lists of things you need to know, things you’ve always been curious about, and things you never knew existed. Amusing, surprising, and occasionally silly, these lists create order out of the chaos of everyday life. With so much information out there, SenseList makes sense of the world, one list at a time.

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About alt concepts

alt concepts is an internet publishing business that produces smart, entertaining, and user-friendly Web sites. Along with a team of enthusiastic contributors, Wordsmiths-in-Chief Joe Kissell and Morgen Jahnke share a passion for language and ideas. Besides SenseList, alt concepts publications currently include Interesting Thing of the Day, a virtual museum of interesting things; Spectatrix, a blog that provides humorous and insightful commentary about the world of introverts; Truffles for Breakfast, the ongoing story of Joe and Morgen’s life in Paris; The Geeky Gourmet, a blog about food and technology; and I Am Joe’s Blog, Joe’s thoughts on topics ranging from computers to cooking. Several groovy new sites are in development.