February 21, 2007

32 Edible Insect Foods You Can Buy Online

Entomophagy (literally, “insect-eating”) has been practiced throughout human history and continues to this day. Modern enthusiasts cite the economic and environmental benefits of using insects as a major source of protein in their diet; some even admit to liking the taste. Although I can’t personally vouch for the tastiness of any of the following items, if you’re interested in taking up entomophagy, here are a few things you could try.



Larvae & Worms:

Scorpions & Water Bugs:

25 Responses to “32 Edible Insect Foods You Can Buy Online”

  1. Samuel A said:

    I’ve recently adopted a quasi-vegetarian diet, and entomophagy interests me as a potential source of protein. Unfortunately I’m irrationally repulsed by the appearance of the edible insect foods I can find online. But I think I could handle dried & powdered insects, or insect pastes, as a supplement to add to food. Do you know if any products like that are available?

  2. Kelsey said:

    this is cool….our class has ate bugs too. its really nasty but its quite interesting! =)

  3. Alec said:

    this is gay…………………….i hate bugs especially spiders!!!!!!!!!!!! ewww yucky

  4. Brad said:

    Just bought the Scorpion vodka. Yey!! Thanks guys..

  5. Daron said:

    These look pretty tasty… But, I’m on a low-carb diet. Does anyone know where I can get the nutritional values?

  6. john shao said:

    I am supples insects from Tanzania iwant costomer for mo informatio contct us john shao

  7. Renee said:

    I work with a teacher who has recently acquired a taste for bugs. I am sure my esteemed collegues will be pleased when I cater our next meeting. Knowing this group I think they would love the Roasted Pregnant Cricket.

  8. EDIBLE UNIQUE said:

    stumbled along this website for real edible bugs http://www.edibleunique.com !!

  9. stephane said:

    Is there a shop in London selling edible insect ?


  10. jorge rertardo said:

    Bugs are mylife they are so cute and delicouse i eat them for every meal!!!!

    I’m a bug freak and proud

  11. JOE said:

    EDIBLE BUGS from £1.99 http://www.EdibleUnique.com , http://www.edibleunique.com

  12. babee said:

    omg i have only tried one edible bug in my life and it was a chocolate covered cricket and i will never do it again “gross”

  13. Steve said:

    What’s that Chocolate covered Scorpion? Looks so attractive!!! But I don’t like eating them!!!

  14. The Piggy Bank said:

    Urggh, wouldn’t eat any of those things!

  15. Vern said:

    I’m living in Thailand where I’ve eaten a number of insects, a scorpion, and some silkworms. I have it on video here at my YouTube channel – if you want to see me eat them. I wouldn’t call them delicious – but, they aren’t horrible either… well, for the most part.

    It’s funny but, I had to draw the line at water bugs… they were small and there was just something about them that I couldn’t stomach. I think everyone should experience eating at least grasshoppers or crickets. They have lots of protein, and, if we’re ever in a nuclear winter – you might NEED to eat some bugs to survive… why not give it a go?

    Great article…

  16. Liv said:

    I ate a sour cream and onion flavored cricket today and it wasnt too bad. It definetly gave me an adreneline rush. I was the first to try it and then all the kids in my class begged for them. They kind of tasted like puffed rice. A great website is hotlix.com. The crickets head was still on so I pinched it off so I wouldnt have to see those beady eyes starring at me… Bleh!!! I recommend trying them…. come on be brave

  17. Liv said:

    I just saw food network show where a guy eats a real, live meal worm and then eats a caramel apple with baked mealworms coating it, That… is where I draw the line. BLEHH

  18. download free movies said:

    Hmmm… definitely soon I wanna try one of those!!! LOL! It’s one of the list of things I want to eat before I reach 40. hahaa

  19. rosetta stone said:

    I want to try one too haha

  20. TTNET ADSL Basvuru said:

    Thank you very nice article, well mentioning.

  21. Turkey Holidays said:

    “Sour Cream & Onion-Flavoured Crickets” actually sounds quite nice. Probably stick to Pringles though.

  22. liz said:

    Hi, I recently bought a dried grasshopper taco. Tried it and it wasn’t bad actually. Its just he thought of it that disgust people. It taste like dried crunchy shells. Not much taste. But I do agree that the appearance of it really kills my appetite so I took out all the grasshoppers and chopped it into tiny piecez which looks like grounded pepper. Added it to my tac with salsa and hot sauce. Much better that way! Sorta like lying to urself. Hahaha

  23. what do scorpions eat said:

    i have just eat scorpions , and i have to say it, it was quit nice…regards

  24. jt said:

    I’d try it all. Who knows? We may all have to resort to this soon or else die of starvation.

  25. Fleet said:

    Fried giant ants… yummy! The roasted bamboo worms sound rather delicious as well ha ha. I think I’d rather starve.:D Thanks for sharing.