September 18, 2006

32 Weirdly Specific Museums

Taking as a starting point my short list in Museums of Interesting Things at Interesting Thing of the Day, I set out to discover other small museums that specialize in just one specific (and typically rather odd) subject matter. I thought I’d find a few more; it turns out there are dozens. Here’s a mere sampling from around the world; for other lists, see Weird museums and America’s Weird Museums. And by the way, these are all brick-and-mortar museums; there are many more that exist only on the Web.

61 Responses to “32 Weirdly Specific Museums”

  1. 32 Weirdly Specific Museums « Modern Furniture said:

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  2. Lori Polka said:

    The BarbWire Museum is awesome. The building was once a bra factory. Not only do you learn about the of history of barbwire and ranching in Texas, but the evolution of the bra.

  3. Al said:

    let’s not forget the Crayola Museum in Easton, PA (US)

  4. Colonel Moutarde said:

    The “Hand Museum” in Lausanne, Switzerland

    Most of the time medical oriented exhibitions, but boring all the time !

  5. Deirdre said:

    St. Petersburg, Russia has a “Hygeine Museum” designed to scare schoolchildren into washing their hands. Exhibits include Pavlov’s real dog, a smoker’s lung, and lifesize models depicting victims of various diseases (plague, cholera, etc.)

  6. Stu said:

    Two weirdly specific museums in one: a) Zane Grey Museum (author, notable for westerns) b) National Road Museum Each worth the price of admission.

    Also I’ve been to the Pedaling History Bicycle Museum in Orchard Park, NY. Too bad it’s closing its doors.

  7. download free movies said:

    LMAO!! I was laughing on the first 5 or so entries.. LOL do these actually exist? That’s really weird! This post just made my day 🙂

  8. Nursery Admission said:

    WOW nice collections of museums.

  9. Indian Discussions forum said:

    This is wonderful collection of museums and some are really strange

  10. maizuru said:

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  11. Ben Johnson said:

    I would like to see the toilet museum 😀 It has to be pretty interesting.