September 18, 2006

32 Weirdly Specific Museums

Taking as a starting point my short list in Museums of Interesting Things at Interesting Thing of the Day, I set out to discover other small museums that specialize in just one specific (and typically rather odd) subject matter. I thought I’d find a few more; it turns out there are dozens. Here’s a mere sampling from around the world; for other lists, see Weird museums and America’s Weird Museums. And by the way, these are all brick-and-mortar museums; there are many more that exist only on the Web.

61 Responses to “32 Weirdly Specific Museums”

  1. download free movies said:

    LMAO!! I was laughing on the first 5 or so entries.. LOL do these actually exist? That’s really weird! This post just made my day 🙂

  2. Nursery Admission said:

    WOW nice collections of museums.

  3. Indian Discussions forum said:

    This is wonderful collection of museums and some are really strange

  4. Ben Johnson said:

    I would like to see the toilet museum 😀 It has to be pretty interesting.