August 31, 2006

Ten Historical Figures Portrayed in Upcoming 2006 Films

Films that featured historical figures did very well at the 2006 Academy Awards; Philip Seymour Hoffman won Best Actor for his portrayal of Truman Capote, and Reese Witherspoon won Best Actress for her work as June Carter Cash in Walk the Line. Additionally, Joaquin Phoenix and David Strathairn were also nominated in the Best Actor category for their portrayals of real people (Johnny Cash and Edward R. Murrow).

This fall, biographical elements will feature in a number of new films. It’s quite reasonable to expect that we will see some of these actors and films recognized come Oscar time.

  1. Marie Antoinette—Kirsten Dunst, Marie Antoinette
  2. Louis XVI—Jason Schwartzman, Marie Antoinette
  3. Idi Amin—Forest Whitaker, The Last King of Scotland
  4. Diane Arbus—Nicole Kidman, Fur: An Imaginary Portrait of Diane Arbus
  5. George Reeves (TV’s Superman)—Ben Affleck, Hollywoodland
  6. Truman Capote—Toby Jones, Infamous
  7. Perry Smith (subject of “In Cold Blood”)—Daniel Craig, Infamous
  8. Harper Lee—Sandra Bullock, Infamous
  9. Helen Thomas—Annette Bening, Dirty Tricks
  10. Pat Nixon—Jill Clayburgh, Dirty Tricks

Update: This post was featured in The Carnival of Cinema #1.

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