August 3, 2006

Six actresses who would have been a better choice to play Lois Lane in Superman Returns than Kate Bosworth

Don’t get me wrong here: I have nothing at all against Kate Bosworth. But I think—and most movie critics seem to agree with me—that she was the wrong person to play Lois Lane in Superman Returns. It was a good movie, but Bosworth kept it from being great.

To be sure, her acting could have been better, and certainly some of the blame lies with director Bryan Singer. But casting directors Roger Mussenden and Ann Robinson really should have chosen someone a bit older—after all, this is a character who was supposed to have been a seasoned reporter long before Superman left, 5 years ago, and who’s won a Pulitzer prize for journalism. Bosworth, at 23 when the film was released, wasn’t able to pull that off. And frankly, I couldn’t figure out what Clark Kent saw in her.

Actresses who, in my opinion, might have made a much better Lois Lane include, in alphabetical order:

And yes, I am a Firefly/Serenity fan.

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